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Robot System Products AB 556643-8841 SE556643884101

Address: Isolatorvägen 4, SE721 37 Västerås, SWEDEN

Phone: +46 21 81 66 00
Fax: +46 21 81 66 01

Accounting contact: Gunilla Skrufrve-Håkansson

Bank: Danske Bank A/S

Payments in sweden to BankGiro: 5286-3131

Payments abroad to IBAN: SE2412000000013210107491, SWIFT DABASESX

Commercial conditions (Allmänna villkor) for robot peripheral equipment
and services provided by Robot System Products AB.

Conditions of sale

All deliveries are, with the exceptions included within these Standard Commercial Conditions, subject to ORGALIME S2015. Customers agree to turns in this document when placing an order at RSP.


All invoicing and payments shall be made in the currency used in the price list from Robot System Products. Prices are exclusive of duties, taxes, assessments or other charges. Packing, handling and shipping fees will be charged on orders under 1000 SEK, 100 Euro or 150 USD. The fees are 200 SEK for Swedish orders, 40 Euro for European orders and 30 USD for orders from outside Europe. The handling fee applies to each individual delivery address.


All orders should be sent to Robot System Products and must be in writing including the customers name or number, delivery address, purchase order number and if available quotation number.

Cancellation charges

Cancellation of an order will result in can­cellation charges. If a cancellation is received by Robot System Products within the below mentioned time periods after order acknowledgement, the following cancellation charges will apply calculated on the total price of the ordered goods:

  • Within 10 days, 5 % will be charged,
  • After 10 days or if manufacturing has been started but not completed, 15 % will be charged,
  • Manufacturing completed, 30 % will be charged.
Terms of delivery

The goods will be delivered within the delivery time confirmed in the order acknowledgement to the first freight carrier in Sweden. After notification the goods can be delivered one week earlier than acknowledged.

The terms of delivery for Europe with the exception of Russia, are CIP to either the address of the Customer or to the address of the domestic end customer (INCOTERMS 2010). CIP is based on using normal ground transport.

The terms of delivery for Non-European and Russian Customers are FOB Swedish port named in order, FCA Swedish border if road transport is used or FCA Arlanda Airport if airfreight is ordered (INCOTERMS 2020). Packing is included (see exceptions under Prices above).

Terms of payment

The terms of payment are 30 days from date of invoice.
Bank transfer only.

Invoices will be issued upon delivery to the first freight carrier in Västerås.

If due by date expires Robot System Products will charge interest on the late payments currently 1 % per month on the invoiced amount.

Terms of warranty

Robot System Products issues one year of warranty on the delivered products specified in the order documents issued by Robot System Products with exception of equipment covered by separate warranty.

The warranty is 12 months of operation based on two shift operations or a maximum of 18 months after the date of dispatch from Robot System Products which ever occurs first. The warranty covers design and product defects for material and/or workmanship.

Robot System Products warranty conditions do not cover damage caused by the purchaser’s equipment, careless or improper operation. Neither does the warranty cover consequential costs.

Parts and material subject to warranty will be exchanged by replacement parts. The cost for replacement parts is covered by Robot System Products. No other costs are covered by Robot System Products.

Wear and tear parts i.e. water couplings and connectors, are not covered by warranty.  

There is no warranty on hose packages used without swivels!

Spare parts

Spare parts for the standard products will be available at least ten years after the end of production at Robot System Products.

Notice of damage or missing material

Robot System Products does not accept any claims for damages caused to the goods in transportation or of any missing parts of the goods unless Robot System Products has received a written notice within seven (7) days calculated from the arrival of the goods to the delivery address.

Robot System Products will not cover any costs for repairing freight damages unless photos showing the damage and a report saying that the damage occurred before the risk was passed over to the purchaser (or was caused by circumstances for which Robot System Products is responsible) has been sent to Robot System Products. 

This report has to be issued by an independent damage inspector.

Export controls

Some of the robot peripheral equipment contains components which are classified as highly strategic products affected by Export Control Regulations, particularly the US Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and other CoCom regulations, irrespective of which country the equipment will be used in.

Every recipient company must have an internal Export Control Program (ECP) implemented in its organisation. In this ECP the company expressly confirms that no goods or any part thereof shall be sold or re-exported either directly or indirectly to any country or end-user contrary to appli­cable Export Control Regulations.


This document regulates the turns of trade between RSP and RSPs customer after RSP received a valid purchase order. This document is not a prof of being a RSP sales representative, agent nor distributor.

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