RSP World Premiere – Absolute Accuracy calibration system for robots, powered by Cognibotics

The Swedish tech-company Cognibotics have developed a groundbreaking system for absolute calibration of all major robot brands on the market. This means that lack of accuracy is no longer a problem in robot applications where it is demanded. This could be 3D-printing, welding, assembly processes and other applications.

This solution is available for both traditional industrial robots and cobots. All controlled by the CogniCal software. After calibration, the robot program runs through the CogniCal post processor, adjusting the paths and positions with high accuracy.

Robot System Products are now providing this solution to the global market. A complete product palette of equipment and software for absolute accuracy calibration, for robots and cobots. If you have external axes in your application, no problem. This is also included in the assortment. Do you want to perform the calibration yourself? RSP provides complete training for the calibration system. If this sounds to much for you, we provide the calibration also as a service.

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