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Robot calibration for absolute accuracy

Robots are fantastic when it comes to automating production and making it more effective. However, we can probably agree that the accurate positioning sometimes is just not enough. Thanks to the calibration systems from Cognibotics it is now possible to make your robots more accurate, both in positions and linear movement.

This great solution is available as various packages for both industrial robots and cobots. For an archer to hit the target he needs to aim higher before taking the shot. We are going to show you how we have implemented this into this robot calibration system.

Calibrate – Compensate

Absolute accuracy calibration explained

Improve Operational Reliability

Calibrate Robot after repair -> Minimize downtime by being able to use old programs without adaptation.​

Identify changes in robot properties over time –> Predictive.

Quick and predictable Deployment​

Offline programming without manual ” touch-up” -> Lower robot programming time.

Real digital twin, make your real robot behave like your simulated -> Lower commissioning time in new robot cells.

Improved tolerances & Quality

Use robot to new and challenging applications – 3D print, Laser/Water cutting, Laser Welding, etc​.

Calibrate external axes – Create global accuracy for robot together with linear tracks, positioners, etc.

Robot System Products offer

Industrial Robot Solution

Industrial Robot Solution

Our solution for calibration of industrial robots consist of three different applications. Arm calibration, optical calibration and sensor calibration. Everything connected to the sofware from Cognibtoics.

Cobot Solution

Cobot Solution

The cobot solution for calibration involves a unique clamping plate supplied woth RSP tool changer and the CogniCal, calibration software. It is a bolt-on solution for UR-robots but can be easily adapted to other cobot brands.

RSP Cognibotics Calibration Highlights

Calibration technology

Robot Calibration Technology

Repeatability vs Accuracy

Nominal robots
Calibrated robots

Robots A and B are examples of two robots of the same brand and model.

Accuracy affects points as well as paths

Nominal robots
Calibrated robots

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