Privacy policy

Privacy policy

At Robot System Products AB (RSP), we are well aware that personal integrity is important to our customers, suppliers, business partners, and website visitors. With this policy, we aim to clearly and transparently describe how we collect, use, display, transfer, and store your personal data to make you feel confident that we handle them in a legal and secure manner.

 All our handling of personal data is in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and other applicable laws and regulations.

Personal data controller

Robot System Products AB (corporate ID 556643-8841, Isolatorvägen 4 SE-721 37 Västerås, Sweden, +46 (0)21-81 66 00 and, is the personal data controller and thus responsible for ensuring that the processing of your personal data is carried out in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

If you have any questions or would like to obtain additional information about the pro­cessing of your personal data, please contact us at the email address stated below.

Personal data

Personal data include any information that may be directly or indirectly linked to a physical, living person. Examples of personal data are names, personal ID numbers, email addresses, and phone numbers. It may also include customer numbers, encrypted data, and various electronic identities – such as IP numbers, etc. – if they can be attributed to a physical person.

Data collection

RSP collects personal information in several different ways. It may, for example, be gathered when you buy our products, register on our website, or when you sign an agreement with us. We may also collect data related to you from your employer – if your employer is a customer or a supplier of ours.

Processing of personal data

If you are a customer or a supplier, we will typically need to process the following personal data related to you: name, company, title, email address, phone number, and corporate or personal ID number. 

Purposes of processing personal data

Processing of your personal data takes place for the following purposes:

  • for us to provide and to improve our services to you
  • to fulfill our obligations under applicable laws and regulations, such as required reporting
  • to communicate or send marketing materials and other information about our services to you.

Legal basis

The legal basis for our processing of your personal data may consist of:

  • our responsibility to fulfill an agreement with you or your employer
  • the necessity for us to fulfill our legal obligations, such as required reporting
  • your consent – if we, for example, would like to use your personal data for communication or marketing purposes.


To a certain extent, we may process your personal data for the purpose of informing you of our products and services. In that case, however, your consent will be needed. Accordingly, if you no longer wish to receive our marketing information, you may unsubscribe at any time.

Personal data access

RSP’s main principle is to not disclose your personal data to third parties. Still, in certain situations, disclosing of your data to some of our stakeholders may be necessary. The reason is for them to be able to perform the services we depend on to run our business and to provide our services to you. The following services or situations may apply:

  • IT services: Most personal data collected by us will, of course, be stored and handled within our IT systems, typically our enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. We care about your privacy and the security of your personal data in all such handling. Some systems are installed locally by no one else but RSP alone. Hence, only our own staff has access to the data and no transfer takes place to third parties. However, some systems are cloud-based or installed by external IT service providers, which means that we transfer personal data to those providers. In these cases, the IT provider is our personal data processor and handles data on our behalf and according to our instructions.
  • Payment solutions: We also use external service providers to handle pay­ments. These providers gain access to personal data in the form of names, addresses, and payment information. This handling is necessary for us to be able to provide the products or services you order from us.
  • Marketing services: RSP uses the marketing platform Mailchimp® to send information by email. This service provider gains access to personal data such as email addresses and names.

RSP always takes appropriate steps to ensure that the recipients of your personal data do not process them for purposes other than those set out in the section above. We also make sure that processing is carried out in a secure manner.

Personal data within and outside the EU/EEA

RSP aims to make sure that processing of your personal data takes place within the European Union/European Economic Area (EU/EEA) only. However, in some cases the data may be transferred to, and processed in, a country outside that region.

If your personal data are processed outside the EU/EEA, we will take all reasonable, legal, technical, and organizational steps required to ensure that the data are handled and protected in an adequate manner, comparable to the protection offered within the EU/EEA.

Personal data storage time

We will store your personal data as long as our contractual relationship remains and then as long as needed for fulfilling the purpose of the processing. Still, you may request from us to erase your data at any time.

Your rights

Under the General Data Protection Regulation and Swedish law, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data:

  • Right of access: You have the right to request information on what personal data related to you that we process, how it’s being done and why. Further­more, you may obtain a copy of the data free of charge.
  • Right to rectification: You have the right to request that inaccurate personal data be corrected at no charge and without unnecessary delay. You also have the right to demand completion of deficient data.
  • Right to erasure: Under certain circumstances, you have the right to request to have your personal data erased. However, this right does not apply if RSP is able to demonstrate particularly important reasons against erasure.
  • Right to restriction of processing: In certain situations, you have the right to request a restriction of processing of your personal data, for example during the time when RSP examines whether your data are inaccurate.
  • Right to data portability: You have the right to demand that RSP facilitates the transfer of your personal data to another party.

Right to object: In many situations, you have the right to object to our pro­cessing of your personal data. However, this right does not apply if RSP is able to demonstrate particularly important reasons for continuing the processing. In terms of objecting to marketing, your rights are absolute.


Cookies are used on RSP’s website. Cookies are small text files stored on the visitor’s computer. Their purpose is to improve your website experience and the functionality of the website, as well as to analyze how the website is being utilized.

In your browser settings, you can choose to not allow websites to save and read data through cookies. You may also delete previously stored cookies from your computer. If you choose to restrict the use of cookies on our website, however, it may affect your experience and the website functionality.

Use of SalesViewer® technology

RSP’s website uses SalesViewer® technology from SalesViewer® GmbH on the basis of the website operator’s legitimate interests (section 6 paragraph 1 lit. f GDPR) in order to collect and save data for marketing, market research, and optimization purposes. To make this possible, a JavaScript based code serves to capture company-related data according to website usage. The data captured using this technology are encrypted in a non-retrievable one-way function (so-called hashing). The data are immediately pseudonymized and are not used to identify website visitors personally.

The data stored by SalesViewer® will be deleted as soon as they are no longer required for their intended purpose or due to legal obligations. The data recording and storage can be repealed at any time, with immediate effect for the future, by visiting When the repeal is being done, an opt-out cookie for this website is saved on your device. If you subsequently delete the cookies in your browser, you will need to click this link again.


We are very careful to process your personal data in a legal and secure manner. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our processing of your personal data, please contact us at the email address stated below.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our processing of your personal data, please contact us at