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Tool system CiRo S for ABB IRB4600-20/2,5

This tool system is used when 4 pneumatic channels and 8 electric signals are required. It consists of a CiRo, adaptation kit, hose package, valve units, connectors, cabling and hoses. The valve unit has 2 monostable 5/2 valves.

The complete package

With our tool systems you get it all: a complete combination of our products, adapted to your robot and your needs. An effective, flexible solution made to fit perfectly. The tool system is made easy to install, requires low maintenance and simplifies offline programming. Spend time on the application, and not on dressing the robot.

Robot brand


Mechanical interface

ISO 9409-1-50-6-M6

Working temperature

+10°C – +50°C | 50 °F – 120 °F


± 100 N | ± 22 lb


± 100 Nm | ± 900 lbf·in


± 100 Nm | ± 900 lbf·in

Max rotation

± 250°

Max hose bundle size

7 x Ø6 mm hose

Air channels available to tool


Max air pressure

10 bar | 145 psi

Air quality

Oil-clean and waterless filtered air, with max 25µm particle content

Valve size

ISO15407-2 18 mm

Valve type

2 x Directional valves 5/2 Monostable

Signals available to tool



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