Tool Changer TC720-1 ø200-12-M16

  • For robot payload 1000 kg
  • Modular design
  • External signals
  • Wide range of media modules – simple to customize
  • Designed to meet bodyshop application demands

Important! This unit includes our new generation air/water coupling. This is NOT compatible with the older version tool attachment. If you need to retrofit, please contact

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Tool changing ability for Tool Changer TC720-1

The RSP tool changers are designed to maximize the flexibility and reliability of your robot fleet. They offer the possibility to enhance your robot application by allowing it to switch between different tools, such as grippers, weld units, fixtures etc. Tool changers from RSP are robust and can manage continuous changing operations with maintained reliability and safety. Depending on model and options, electrical signals, weld and servo power, data, water, and compressed air can be transferred from the robot side to the tool.

All our tool changers feature the patented locking device, TrueConnect™. It reduces play to the minimum and enables absolute alignment repeatability throughout its lifespan. With its unique design, it does not require exact alignment before docking with different tools. Find out more about the TrueConnect™ technology.

Mechanical interface

ISO 9409-1-200-12-M16

Robot payload

1000 kg | 2200 lb


± 10000 N | ± 2200 lb


± 10000 Nm | ± 88000 lbf·in


± 10000 Nm | ± 88000 lbf·in


20.4 kg | 44.97 lb


70 mm | 2.76 in

Centre of gravity (Z)

+ 45 mm

Air channels total


Air channels available to tool

1, Additional channels can be added with external media module

Max air pressure

10 bar | 145 psi

Air connection, inlet

G 1/2″ (1x)

Air quality

Oil-clean and waterless filtered air, with max 25µm particle content

Signals total

Depending on chosen signal module

Working temperature

+10°C – +50°C | 50 °F – 120 °F


Saftey modules

Signal modules

Power modules

Air/Water modules

Tool attachment