CiRo S3

  • For robot payload 10 kg
  • Up to ± 250° rotation
  • Cables and hoses can be selected freely to suit any application
  • Extended hose package lifetime
  • Quick and easy installation
  • High reliability

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Robot System Products presents CiRo S3. Cables and hoses are often the main factors that are limiting robot movement, frequently causing unpredictable production stops. At the same time, there is a significant demand for compact cell layout and flexible production. CiRo is a cost-effective solution to achieve the flexibility of internal cabling. Hoses and cables for air, signals and power can be selected according to the requirements of the application. Axis 6 can rotate with extended freedom.

Important: To be able to install the CiRo unit, you need an adaptation kit for your specific robot model. Adaptation kits can be found under the “Options” tab.

Mechanical interface

ISO 9409-1-50-4-M6

Mechanical interface (tool)

ISO 9409-1-80-5-M5

Robot payload

10 kg | 22 lb


± 100 N | ± 22 lb


± 100 Nm | ± 900 lbf·in


± 100 Nm | ± 900 lbf·in


1.2 kg | 2.7 lb

Centre of gravity (Z)

+ 32 mm

Max rotation

± 250°

Max hose bundle size

7 x Ø6 mm hose

Working temperature

+10°C – +50°C | 50 °F – 120 °F


Tool adapter kit

Adaptation kit for Kuka

Adaptation kit for Universal Robots