Environmental policy

Robot System Products
Environmental policy. Adopted February 6, 2018

As a company we believe that the environment is important. We are continuously working on improvements within our certified environmental management system. Our environmental policy also contains the following important points.

  • We shall assume full responsibility through all steps of our production chain byunderstanding and fulfilling applicable laws, expectations from ourstakeholders and other requirements.
  • We shall, based on a lifecycle perspective, promote sustainable developmentfor the benefit of present and future generations.
  • We shall strengthen our environmental commitment through verification ofmaterials and products in the planning stage, in order to be able to reduce theuse of environmentally harmful materials.
  • We shall contribute to better environmental conditions by minimizing ourconsumption of natural resources and increasing the share of environmentallyfriendly chemicals by integrating environmental studies already at the designand purchase process.
  • We shall reduce the impact of emission from our processes by prioritizing localsuppliers as far as possible.
  • We shall work actively with reuse, separation and recycling of materials.
  • All employees shall be engaged in the environmental work

Ola Wallster
CEO of Robot System Products in Scandinavia AB

environmental policy
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