• Robot System Products AB (RSP) shall assume full responsibility throughout our production chain by understanding, and complying with, applicable laws, requirements, and expectations of our stakeholders.
  • We shall examine and assess materials, components, and chemicals already during the design and purchasing processes with the intention of, if possible, choosing more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • We shall minimize our negative impact on the environment by hiring local suppliers when reasonable. We also aim to only use renewable energy and to minimize our water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. We will thereby ensure that our operations entail a minimal negative effect on air and water quality.
  • We shall look at our products from a lifecycle perspective and, to the best of our ability, support our customers in their environmental work.
  • We shall work actively with reuse, separation, and recycling of materials to promote sustainable development for the benefit of current and future generations.
  • All employees shall be committed to the environmental work and thereby contribute to continual improvement of our environmental management system.

Ola Wallster
CEO of Robot System Products in Scandinavia AB