Robot System Products works conscientiously to enhance our values, our social work environment and our environmental performance. To continuously achieve improvements and meet our customers’ and the market’s demands and preferences, we have developed a code of conduct that applies to both RSP and our suppliers. The code of conduct is communicated through our information meetings and website.

Employee rights

The laws of the countries where we and our suppliers operate are to be complied with and always constitute a minimum level for employees’ terms of employment. Occurrences of child labor, forced labor and discrimination are not accepted.
All employees shall have the right to organize into trade unions without adversely affecting their pay or working conditions in any way. Working hours shall be in compliance with the legal limits for weekly rest and overtime.

Business ethics

RSP accepts no forms of corruption or bribery that can provide commercial benefits. Applicable laws shall be complied with.

Working climate and environmental responsibilities

All employees continuously contribute to an improved working climate by taking personal responsibility and informing management when questions and problems arise.
We meet or exceed environmental legislation through our work with the company’s environmental management system, and we take environmental impact into account in conjunction with new projects and the purchase/use of new materials.

Ola Wallster
Robot System Products

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