Swivel S350-1E

  • For robot payload 350 kg
  • Allows continuous rotation of axis 6
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduces hose package interference
  • Maximizes hose package lifetime
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With RSP swivel S350, the axis 6 can rotate freely. Wear on the hose package decreases, while uptime and productivity is increased. If the swivels are used with our hose packages, axis 4 and 5 are also able to rotate unimpeded. The full working range of the robot can be utilized. RSP has developed our own patented slip ring solution for maximized reliability.

Mechanical interface

Robot payload

Working temperature






Air channels total

Air channels available to tool

Air connection, inlet

Air connection, outlet

Max air pressure

Air flow per channel

Air quality

IP Class

Signals total

Signals dedicated robot side

Signals dedicated tool side

Signals available to tool

Rated current

Connection robot side

Connection tool side

Adaptation kits

Adaptation kit for ABB

Adaptation kit for Fanuc

Adaptation kit for Kuka