Large valve unit with 4x valves (for Tool changer)

  • Large valve unit four valves
  • One valve is dedicated for tool change
  • The tool change valves shuts off the air to the other valves on tool change
  • Built in connection box for I/O signals
  • Standard ISO01 26mm IE interface

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The RSP valve unit is connected to the robot signal/air interface. The signals from the robot are connected to the terminal inside the valve unit. Connections for up to five valves with two solenoids each are prewired. On the valve unit a contact is mounted for transferring signals to/from the tool mounted at the wrist of the robot. As standard Festo-valves are used. Other brands can be fitted on request.

Working temperature


Air connection, inlet

Air connection, outlet

Air channels dedicated

Air channels available to tool

Max air pressure

Air quality

Valve size

Valve type


IP Class

Signals total

Signals dedicated tool side

Signals available to tool

Voltage, valves

Connection input

Connection output

Rated current